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Discarding waste is easy. Disposing of it correctly is a job for the experts.

Wherever people work or live, waste accumulates. Wasteco collects and disposes of solid waste and recycles paper, cardboard, bottles, cans, plastics, organics, electronic waste, construction and demolition waste, with a focus on industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) customers. Some services are also available for residential customers such as high-rise condos and housing projects. Recyclables go to our state-of-the-art Brampton recycling facility for sorting and dispatch to markets. Non-recyclable material is collected and brought to ministry-approved transfer sites where it is sent to energy facilities or landfill. We offer a full range of environmental services including secure shredding, product destruction, waste audits and waste reduction work plans.

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You may be required under law to conduct annual waste audits and prepare waste reduction work plans. Find out if your business falls under one of the regulated categories.