When organic materials such as food waste are sent to landfills, they decompose over time and produce greenhouse gases, especially methane. Recovery of organic waste from food processors, retailers, restaurants, convention centres and hotels represents a tremendous opportunity to participate in the local green economy and contribute to a sustainable future.

Wasteco provides clean bins at each pickup for the sanitary collection of organic material and elimination of biodegradable bags. Organics are transported to a network of local processors where the food waste is broken down via anaerobic digestion to produce biogas. The clean renewable energy produced can be a source of base load electrical power or it can be converted to either natural gas or compressed natural gas (CNG).

Organic waste suitable for recovery includes:

  • Candies, cookies and cake
  • Coffee grounds
  • Dairy products and eggshells
  • Fruit and vegetable scraps
  • Meat, fish and bones
  • Pasta, bread and cereal

Please refer to this list of unacceptable items for the organics waste recovery stream , as these items cannot be broken down via anaerobic digestion.

Unacceptable Items for Organics Recycling:

  • Animal waste, bedding or cat litter
  • Coffee pods
  • Compostable take-out containers, plates, cups or utensils
  • Diapers or sanitary products
  • Hair, pet fur, feathers or wool
  • Oil, grease or wax
  • Plastic or foil food packaging or cling film
  • Soiled paper towels or napkins
  • Wooden stir sticks

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