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Wasteco understands that your confidential documents contain sensitive information that could be a liability to your business or even your identity. Whether you are a major industrial client or a small operation, our secure services help you build safeguards, minimize risk, and track and document every stage of the process. We provide lockable stationary consoles, lockable mobile totes and banker storage boxes depending on your needs. Our mobile shredding vehicles deliver fast and reliable services right to your doorstep, with collection by bondable, insured staff. For plant-based shredding operations, our Dixie Recycling Centre offers 24-hour security surveillance and regular foot patrols. At our plant, proprietary cross-cut technology shreds documents and paper products into confetti-sized pieces that are then baled and sent to paper mills for recycling.

Lockable Stationary Consoles

Lockable Mobile Totes

Banker Storage Boxes

Our Secure Shredding services include

  • NAID (National Association for Information Destruction Canada Inc.) Certificate of Destruction
  • Onsite or offsite document shredding (scheduled or on request)
  • Shredding of white and coloured paper, file folders, and envelopes, including staples and paper clips. Please refer to this complete list of sensitive paper documents or paper products that should be shredded.
  • Warehouse-based services
  • Office cleanout and/or yearly bulk purges
  • “Community Shred” events in cooperation with local media, law enforcement, or government agencies, to build awareness of the importance of protection against identity theft

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“If you don’t protect it like trade information, the court won’t either.” – NAID

  • ATM receipts, bank statements and credit card bills
  • Bills of lading
  • Birth certificate copies
  • Brand data
  • Cancelled/voided cheques or cheque books
  • Customer and prospect lists
  • Promotional/marketing or sales materials
  • Purchase orders
  • Receipts
  • Research data
  • Employee pay stubs and employment records
  • Financial reports
  • Ingredients lists
  • Internal memos
  • Invoices
  • Legal documents and tax forms
  • Medical records
  • Product packaging
  • Social insurance numbers
  • Utility bills (electric, gas, telephone and water)

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