Waste Collection

You have waste. We have solutions.

Wasteco works with you to review your waste collection needs and current practices and helps you take advantage of the latest innovations in our industry. On a pre-arranged schedule, we can provide services for your waste in a variety of ways including:

Our recycling services include:

Bins (Front-end Collection)

Wasteco’s bins are virtually leak-proof and specially designed to handle low-density waste and recyclables. This front-end collection system is ideal for commercial or industrial projects, as well as for institutions, schools, offices, high-rise and housing projects
Front-end loader bins can reduce fire risk, discourage insects and rodents, and control unpleasant odours.

All front-end bins are 71″ wide and are available from 36” high to 77″ high and 36” deep to 84″ deep.

  • 2 cubic yard bin contains approximately 14 bags
  • 4 cubic yard bin contains approximately 28 bags
  • 6 cubic yard bin contains approximately 42 bags
  • 8 cubic yard bin contains approximately 56 bags

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Totes (Rear-load Collection)

Where on-site containers cannot be used because of space restrictions or local by-laws, rear-load service is ideal for waste removal. Waste is simply stored in totes in a convenient place and picked up on a scheduled basis, then disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations. Rear-load vehicles are also used to collect recyclable paper, corrugated cardboard, bottles and cans.

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Large Roll-off Bins

Open roll-off bins are available for both permanent and temporary service. They can be used for waste material or separated recyclables such as wood, cardboard, clean fill and concrete. We offer a variety of sizes ranging from 14-40 cubic yards.

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Compactor Equipment

Our compactor equipment is ideal for high volume waste or recyclables. Wasteco offers complete compactor service including consultation, installation, maintenance, scheduled cleaning and repairs. A range of sizes is offered to suit your needs.


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